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De maak- en dienstensector staan voor grote uitdagingen op korte termijn in een wereld die snel verandert. Bent u in staat om hier als organisatie mee om te gaan, zodat u de trein niet mist? Investeren in digitalisering & automatisering, het nauwgezet bijhouden van klanteninformatie en dat alles dan gebruiken om producten en diensten op maat van elke klant te leveren. Is dat voldoende om je bedrijf future proof te maken?



Stanwick Leaders Network - Digital Transformation met Geert Martens (Duval Union Consulting)

Tweemaal per jaar brengt Stanwick haar klanten samen omtrent een specifiek thema. Op 13/06/17 mocht Stanwick Geert Martens (Duval Union Consulting) ontvangen omtrent Digital Transformation, een niet te stoppen trend.

Geniet nog even met ons mee!


Digital Visual Management - how you can evolve towards a Factory of the Future

"You cannot imagine that we are actually producing in the 21st century." This is a statement that you may have heard before; or maybe you have already made such a statement yourself. It possibly had to do with one of the following situations:

·         A production order has already finished when it appears that the settings of a machine were incorrect. Result – Rework or Scrap!


The right Manufacturing strategy

With the right manufacturing strategy, you give direction to your "factory of the future" and remain successful in a competitive market.


Why opt for an assessment at the start of a project in Operational Excellence?

We start every process in Operational Excellence (OPEX) with an assessment of the current situation. In this way, the OPEX story does not remain a theoretical exercise, but can be acted on from the specific context of the company. In other words, we start from current practice in order to deliberate with you as to which implementation steps guarantee the best result. And it thereby helps to examine the current way of working from an external point of view and expertise.



How can you use digitisation as a motor towards Operational Excellence?

Stanwick developed the digital factory game in the light of Operational Excellence and the trend towards digitisation.


How do you deal with complexity in customer demand?

Nowadays, the product portfolios of our customers seem to be bursting out of their joints, which means that production processes are increasingly under pressure. We classify this phenomenon as complexity. After all, doesn’t the end customer increasingly expect a personal touch for the products he/she buys?

In order to fully understand this complexity, we look at the whole portfolio during an assessment, and how it behaves over time. In particular, the volume relative to the fluctuations is analysed in a product-specific manner, and this is visualized in the following graph.


Design thinking, creative thinking and action

“Design Thinking”; a term that is finding more and more resonance in the industry. Not everyone has an equally clear picture of what the term implies and how you should carry out "design thinking", but the crafting aspect is appealing and the energy is infectious. To lift a first tip of the veil around Design Thinking, it is only right to quote Tim Brown (the current CEO of IDEO). While still under the direction of co-founder David Kelley, IDEO was one of the founding fathers of the application of Design Thinking in the industry.


Help ... my department has become too complex

Complexity. A necessary evil for some, a reason for existence for others. An example of the latter group is Amazon, where an extremely complex product portfolio very quickly finds its way to the end customer.


How is it that such organisations know how to embrace & control the increasing complexity in customer demand?



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