"Progressive insight" is the only certainty today

Cooperation in uncertain times

How are you, how are we?

Every sector, every company, every family and every individual currently feels the consequences of the Coronacrisis. Today is not yesterday and possibly tomorrow doesn’t answer today. At Stanwick, common practice – also with customers – is to start from the current state and subsequently map the future state. However, the actual context is changing day to day, which makes it impossible to get the future situation clarified. So, we are challenged in our habits too, and have to build on ‘progressive insight’. Uncertainty is the only certainty. How is Stanwick coping with these uncertain times? As phrased by our managing director: "what we can avoid, we will avoid. We take care of each other and our customers."

Balancing between empathy and continuity

Obviously, we also see things moving at the customers’ side. In the first place, we want to show empathy for their own challenges, but we’re trying to keep this in balance with pursuing our projects to help them. As a rule, we do this by working from home, unless it’s necessary to be onsite with customers for the continuation of business-critical projects. We make a swift switch in our methods (cfr previous blog) and want to challenge our customers, too, to be creative with potentially available time. This way, it’s possible that for some projects they’re catching up. With our own extra capacity, us too are doing an extra effort by installing small project teams and tight deadlines for our Stanwick ‘bucket list’ like the development and management of our knowhow. In this, we also consider the possibility of changing customer needs in the future, following these turbulent times, and try to foresee several scenarios to respond to them.

Diversity in our team helps

Although we are not part of the healthcare industry (which we limitlessly respect these days for that matter), even so ‘care’ is the absolute core of our current vision. Towards our own employees in the first place, we cannot emphasize enough to take care for each other. More than ever, we stay connected with our colleagues and keep checking in how we’re all doing. Our management team as well profoundly aligns on a daily basis, because times are demanding an agile approach. Based on that, they send out an internal communication every day. “This daily alignment is necessary to maintain our steering, but we as a management team just need it, too. A ‘we go for it’-attitude is prevailing.” Says our management team. “We are very proud that we’re choosing to be transparent at all times, but even more that our employees are as mature and understanding to cope with these altering messages.” A foundation of trust ensures open dialogue, which facilitates focus and commitment as a team (and this way we apply the team model of Lencioni in our own work context.)


In other words, our ratio helped not to hide our heads in the sand and made sure we quickly installed a governance during these unique circumstances. Thus, we stay very alert and action-oriented at all times. Next to this, our feeling guides us to ensure connection with each other daily, which deepens the family atmosphere even more. Together we are strong!


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