we stay at your service!

We stay at your service

Precaution: what we can avoid, we will avoid. Care: we take care for each other and for our clients.

We are consultants who, because of the nature of our job, have a lot of contacts. We continue working but without taking risks or increasing risks. We remain at your service, supporting all our clients, especially in case of business critical process situations.

This implies that working from the home office and telework is the rule, except in those cases where it is crucial to guarantee the continuity of business critical projects where we need to be on site at the customer. We are creative and re-design workshops, meetings or one-to-one conversations in order to facilitate them in a remote and digital setting.

  • We follow the measures taken by the Belgian government.
  • We respect strictly the additional and sometimes specific guidelines given to us by our clients.
  • Our secretarial office is open during working days (08:00-17:00) and all our consultants are reachable via e-mail and/or cell phone.
  • We contact our clients pro-actively in order to align on existing or new apppointments to be made in the near future.
  • Visit our website for the latest updates and/or to contact us.

Within Stanwick we are taking all necessary actions and precautions, we follow the current events and do whatever is needed to protect our clients and our own colleagues and to minimize the impact of the Covid-19 virus on our operations.  

  • Ultimately what counts first is taking care for ourselves, our families, our colleagues, our clients. 
  • Who feels sick, stays at home!
  • When one of our colleagues doesn't want to travel to meet people in the office or at the customer's premise, then she/he works from home. 
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