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Implementing change is one of the most complex and difficult tasks for leaders. The challenge is to create commitment and assure implementation. Together with the customer, we design and facilitate the change process to ensure that people are actively involved. We are a loyal change guide who has an eye for and is capable of dealing with resistance and we act as expert trainers who prepare the employees of your organisation for the change. 

As part of our ‘change management’ approach, we like to be guided by the principles of John Kotter, widely recognized as the world's foremost authority on leadership and change.

There is nothing permanent except change.

How does Stanwick help?

Stanwick guides your company through the process by taking on different roles in the 'change management process':

  • As a designer and an expert in mapping the needed approach
  • As a facilitator to ensure that the team members are actively involved
  • As a loyal guide to accompany you through the change, who has an eye for any rising resistance and is capable of dealing with this resistance
  • As an expert trainer who prepares the employees of your organization for the change



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