Voice | of the Customer

The "Voice of the Customer" is a systematic and in-depth process to capture and describe the (internal and/or external) customer's stated and unstated needs or requirements. Through a series of structured in-depth interviews, with focus on the customers' experiences with the current state, needs statements are extracted, organized into a usable hierarchy, prioritized and resulting in conclusions, gaps, areas for improvement and actionable items. This will help in deciding what products and services to offer, where to focus improvement efforts on and identifying key drivers of customer satisfaction.

Customer first!
But does your whole organization live according to this principle?

How does Stanwick help?

We follow a structured roadmap assuring efficiency and effectiveness

  • Design: a structured stakeholder analysis at the start, a clear and agreed scope, agreed milestone plan and throughput time.
  • Preparation: define the drivers and CTQ’s (critical to quality), stakeholder communications, define the interview guide.
  • Interview: all interviews are based upon the same interview guide, but questions might differ in relation to the type of stakeholder
  • Results: both qualitative (e.g. SWOT) and quantitative feedback are possible, depending on the identified drivers and the type of information requested.
  • Communication

Stanwick’s role

  • Define the process
    • Create involvement through focus group approach
    • Building agreement on scope and expected deliverables
    • Scoping & Milestone planning
  • Execute interviews
    • Set-up of interview guideline (drivers, CTQ’s)
    • Planning
    • Interviews with Stanwick’s consultants being neutral, unprejudiced, unbiased
  • Project management
    • Lead, setting the pace and guard timelines and flawless execution
    • Follow up realization of agreed milestones, actions and deliverables 
  • Processing results
    • Conclusions and reporting



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