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Today, many companies regard projects as a means of creating competitive advantage. These companies have thereby introduced project management as a central management strategy. Project, Program & Portfolio management is appreciated for its structured approach in:


  • Defining expected output (mostly in terms of cost, quality and time)
  • Creating an execution plan complete with all actions needed to achieve the defined goals
  • Executing this plan
  • Continuously monitoring the progress of the plan, and adjusting when appropriate

Realizing change:
implementing your strategy with 3PM²

The 3PM² approach is different, because it gives attention to the whole cycle: from strategy planning, through choosing the right programmes and projects, and up to monitoring and adjusting programmes and projects. At Stanwick, we know that simply putting all these elements next to each other without integrating them is inefficient, or even contra-productive.

Our 3PM² approach starts from the specific situation of your company. Do you have problems with project management? Or do you need a new project selection process? We will guide you!


How does Stanwick help?

An organization achieves ‘Project Excellence’ when there is a continuous flow of successfully managed projects. To achieve this, the organization needs to focus on 3 areas, and Stanwick can support you in each of these:


Project Management Methodology

  • Developing a project management methodology suitable for strategic projects in your organisation
  • Training and coaching the stakeholders and key co-workers: project leaders, project sponsors and project team members, ...

Project Portfolio Management (= the screening process of strategically major projects)

  • Creating a clear link between your organization’s strategy and key projects
  • Introducing a professional assessment tool to select your high-priority projects
  • Learning how to manage a well-defined set of projects

Project-friendly Organisational Context

  • Aligning the knowledge management process with the project management process
  • Tuning of HR processes to the development of the necessary project management skills (e.g. recruitment, training, performance management)
  • Tuning of the organisational structure, IT architecture and knowledge management process to the project management process

To support you in this process, Stanwick has a partnership with PMI, a world leader in project management. If you would like to learn more about PMI, please visit their website at



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