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Customers are no longer willing to pay for "waste" in our internal administrative processes. With "Lean Office", you not only meet the expectations of your customers, but you also do this in the most efficient way.  



Fight 'waste'  in your administration - keep it short and simple.

 The essence of the "Lean Office" approach is:

  • To define the "added-value" from your customer’s perspective
  • To eliminate everything that is non-beneficial to the customer
  • To improve the workflow
  • To balance workflow between different activities
  • To strive for perfection and continuous improvement

How does Stanwick help?

We help you to carry out an activity analysis on defined processes, provide the necessary training (with an interactive simulation game) and organize “hands-on” improvement workshops.

Stanwick has supported valuable projects for its customers, with improvements of more than 50 % in throughput time and costs reductions of up to 30% for administrative services.



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