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Today, customers are demanding shorter delivery times, lower costs and better service. Are your processes flexible enough to support these changing requirements?

Order-to-Cash is all about rethinking the process: from order entry to delivery of goods, from invoicing to receiving payment (cash). The big challenge is to create a smooth flow between all departments - from supplier to customers - while continuously eliminating waste, reducing lead-times and conquering the complexity that often obstructs flow and adds no value.

How can you speed up the time between receiving the order and receiving (cash) payment?

How does Stanwick help?

Stanwick has developed an approach to:

  • Make management understand the complexity of process execution and the consequences of business decisions
  • Make people understand the whole picture, and link their activity to business context and goals
  • Involve all people: top-down and bottom-up
  • Achieve step-by-step implementation while continuously improving the process and the way of working
  • Follow-up and attaining results in practice
  • Train, coach and support people in making a step change, and ensuring that the results are sustained

Reducing throughput time results in lower stocks of finished goods, less WIP (Work in process), higher reliability, greater delivery flexibility and lower DSO (days of sales outstanding). It also increases the motivation and involvement of employees.




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