Understanding team role dynamics with the use of Belbin

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Marc Verbruggen, Senior Director, Value Stream Management, OTC, says understanding team role dynamics provides an excellent framework for identifying the root-causes for superb or sub-optimal teamwork. “In May, under the facilitation of Stanwick our team engaged in a preparatory phase of self-assessments and 360° feedback. Identifying our individual Belbin team roles within the group setting did not only reveal our key strengths and weaknesses as a Value Stream Management organization, but it also provided us an excellent vocabulary for phrasing the ‘un-outspoken’—“Why is it so difficult to reach conclusions with this team?” and “Why are we often short of creative ideas?”. “Following this methodology will allow us to be more solution-oriented when addressing various opinions and points of view, and it will help us to avoid the ‘irritation’ phase.”

Specifically for the Value Stream Management Community, BELBIN was one of the key components for our 2013 CREDO in ACTION PLAN, and it will continue to feed our conversations and CREDO action plans for the coming years. “When new Value Stream Leads (VSLs) come on board, we will have the ideal tool to cultivate complementarity, and conversely, address the blind spots in our teamwork.”

Compared to 2012, the 2013 CREDO results showed significant improvement..
We believe the BELBIN concept was one of the contributing factors for this positive change. If your team has faced similar challenges with regards to successful meeting implementation and assignment of leadership roles, BELBIN may be just what you need.

Marc Verbruggen, Senior Director, Janssen VSM

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