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Lean Manufacturing’ is now a concept in many production companies. Indeed, nowadays, we are seeing various initiatives on the shop floor for the implementation of the lean tool box. Just think of visual management in the world of production planning, SMED where reduction in turnover time...


Everyone coaches everyone at everything! Nevertheless, coaching originally defined a clearly marked field. Coaching takes place when neither the coach (or supervisor) or the coachee (or worker) has a solution for ‘the problem’ at the start of the coaching programme. Let’s just compare a few elements. 

What is training? 

As a trainer, I want to transfer as much...


Core qualities, according to Daniël Ofman, are features which belong to the core of a person, the strengths which characterise someone. Core qualities make you what you are. However, if you keep firing on those qualities, in other words, if you exaggerate them, qualities can also become pitfalls. A pitfall is a distortion of your quality, its downside. It is...


Talking about discipline or addressing people about discipline sometimes appears to be taboo, even in professional organisations. Can managers still expect workers to stick to agreements and implement tasks promptly? Is it because discipline is associated with blind obedience, loss of autonomy, submission, or coercion? And isn’t discipline an archaic concept charged with negative overtones?...


SMED is one of the classic tools of the Lean Manufacturing arsenal, but does it still have a place in today’s market? Actually, that’s a rhetorical question. Nowadays, speed, reliability, and custom-made production are an absolute must if a company wants to count itself among the elite in its industry. Therefore, ‘flexibility’ and ‘meeting client demand’ are even more important in the current...


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