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Stanwick Management Consultants builds on 40 years of experience in the areas of consultancy and training. We have developed a unique approach and style over this time, and our vision, mission and values guide us in our everyday activities.

Mission (why we exist)

Stanwick  helps its clients to realize significant and sustainable improvement in their internal processes, service, costs and quality; thereby contributing to their long-term competitiveness.

Vision (what we want to be)

Stanwick is an international management-consulting firm providing practical, implementation-oriented advice, drawing on highly qualified, motivated people with in-depth expertise in operational management.

Company values (what we find valuable as human beings and professionals)

  • We build a common future based on our people and their growing expertise
  • We consider teamwork as the vehicle to realize our company strategy
  • We are customer-oriented in everything we do
  • We apply continuous improvement in our way of working
  • We believe that entrepreneurship and self management are the basis for our future.



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