The team

The Stanwick team is made up of professionals with complementary skills and educational backgrounds: psychologists, engineers, economists and scientists. All our consultants have extensive experience in manufacturing, service and/or the public sector.

Stanwick. Pur sang.

Meet our team!

Tom Van der Straeten Stanwick

Tom Van der Straeten

Operational Excellence – Factory of the Future – Lean Supply Chain

Loves outdoor air - passionate about music - tries to do jobs around the house

Kurt Maegherman Stanwick

Kurt Maegherman

Passionate Lean / Six Sigma trainer - Operational Excellence

Loves Geocaching - Anglophile- likes to contribute to a clean world

Jeroen Van den Hove Stanwick

Jeroen Van den Hove

Operational Excellence – Lean Supply Chain – Portfolio Management

Loves mountain walks - passionate about photography - tries to be flandrien

Joachim Vermeeren

Joachim Vermeeren

Operational Excellence – Lean – Problem Solving

Passionate about climbing - interest in technology - enjoys being outside

Jeroen Simoen - Stanwick management consultants

Jeroen Simoen

Operational Excellence – Problem Solving – Lean Six Sigma

Studying Japanese, bouldering, has a big passion for music & travelling, enjoys reading & playing the guitar 

Tim Beghin - Stanwick management consultants

Tim Beghin

Lean – Design Thinking – Project Management

Dad of two – Likes to bike – Passion for technology

Jan Provoost Stanwick

Jan Provoost

Operational Excellence - Lean - Breakthrough

Globetrotter - loves nature - passionate hiker

Bart De Vogel - Stanwick

Bart De Vogel

Operational Excellence – Lean Manufacturing – Industry 4.0

Enjoys mixing a good cocktail – passion for science and technology – holidays on magnificent beaches

Karine Roodhooft Stanwick

Katia Van den Bremt

Human Dynamics – Process Excellence – Project Management

Pianist in school – Mom of three – likes “paper” thrillers

Lidewij Van Nevel Stanwick

Lidewij Van Nevel

Human/Team Dynamics – Change Management – Facilitation

Loves dancing - passionate about singing - enjoys little things

Lieve Grymonprez Stanwick

Lieve Grymonprez

Management Assistant

Loves volleyball & reading – passionate about solving sudoku's – tries to solve binary and crossword puzzles

 Marlies De Ceuleneer

Marlies De Ceuleneer

Project Management – Process Excellence – Organisational development

Chorister and pianist - Enjoys reading a book in one sitting - Always carries a fountain pen

Annelies Boecxstaens

Annelies Boecxstaens

Leadership – Shopfloor coaching – Team development

Passionate about music, plays the French horn in an orchestra, wannabe hairdresser

Marijke Spiloes Stanwick

Marijke Spiloes

Management Assistant

Loves reading - passionate about music – enjoys playing guitar

Bie Delodder - Stanwick management consultants

Bie Delodder

Lean transformation - team development - project management

Like to be active - always looking for new books and podcasts - world traveler


Dimitri Reykers - Stanwick

Dimitri Reykers

Operational Excellence – Lean Manufacturing – Problem solving

Dad of 3 - has green thumb - enjoys playing guitar, listening to vinyl and drawing

Nick Vanhalst Stanwick

Nick Vanhalst

Leadership – Team development – Change Management

Occasionally look at infinity or just before that - Loves the smell of turpentine, wood and water

Lies Vanhee - Stanwick

Lies Vanhee

Change management – Organisational development – Project Management

Boys mom - Loves reading – Enjoys being outside

Jean-Paul Nauwelaers Stanwick

Jean-Paul Nauwelaers

Change management – Organisational design - Project Management

He likes reading and not enough novels - passionate about musicals - working on his golf handicap

Guy Smet Stanwick

Guy Smet

Operational Excellence – Problem Solving – Lean Six Sigma

Loves Ghent – passionate about family – enjoys good music

Stef Maelstaf

Stef Maelstaf

Operational Excellence – Dashboarding – Problem Solving

Loves travel & adventure – Enthusiastically talks about his last read – Plays the guitar (but not often)

Karine Roodhooft Stanwick

Karine Roodhooft

Lean Transformation – Operational Excellence - Change Management

Loves traveling - mom of 1 son and 3 daughters – enjoys tennis and fitness

Dirk Van Helder Stanwick

Dirk Van Helder

Breakthrough – Change Management – Operational Excellence

Loves sailing – likes to read a book on philosophy of science

Johan Versieck Stanwick

Johan Versieck

Project, Program & Portfolio – Process Excellence – Organisation design

loves to spend time with the family – passionate to be a meritorious singer – enjoys being a private pilot