Agile/SCRUM: learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow

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Project Management

“The important thing is not to stop questioning.”

Stanwick provides SCRUM training workshops to help your teams to understand the agile philosophy, learn the SCRUM framework, roles and artefacts so they will be able to successfully apply SCRUM in their development projects. On top we provide insights into the preconditions necessary to develop an agile- and scrum-friendly environment.   

What is SCRUM?

SCRUM is a framework and set of practices used to deploy the agile philosophy in project management. It is mainly used in software development, although it can to some extend also be used in product/service development projects in general. In these environments, it can provide a valuable alternative for the “waterfall” project management methodology.

The SCRUM methodology emphasizes daily communication, self-steering development teams, flexible reassessment of plans and development carried out in short iterative phases of work.  

Why would you use SCRUM?

We’ve all experienced projects that, despite our best efforts, delivered late, weren’t up to our quality standards, and didn’t quite meet our customer’s needs. The aspiration of Scrum is to delight customers and delivering fast results at reduced costs.

Stanwick supports you in your SCRUM journey

Our 2-day program alternates between theory and practice with interactive exercises and discussions based on your project experiences.

Target of our training for you is to

  • understand the value of agile philosophy
  • understand and be able to apply SCRUM methodology in (software) development projects
  • understand the responsibilities and expectations of the different roles in SCRUM projects
  • learn how to better define and manage the expected output of SCRUM projects
  • understand how to increase involvement and commitment of business users
  • understand and be able to apply the concept of a self-steering development team
  • learn how to manage communication and progress in SCRUM projects
  • learn about interpersonal dynamics within projects, stakeholder and risk management

Target audience for these trainings are the development team members and other key stakeholders of projects using SCRUM approach (project owners, business users, management, …)

Project & portfolio management

Stanwick supports the client in creating one uniform ‘project management’ approach and language, based on the reality of the client’s organization. Thereby also creating a project-friendly organisational context and installing an effective project portfolio management system.
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