Digital collaboration with HowSpace®

digital learning platform

In our workshops and training courses, we continuously work to increase motivation and engagement between the Stanwick trainers/facilitators on the one hand and the participants on the other. To do so, we recently started using HowSpace®, a digital facilitation platform powered by artificial intelligence. This allows users to collaborate on organisational and learning programmes. Another significant, digital milestone at Stanwick.

HowSpace® serves as a digital collaboration platform that supports our trainings and workshops. Through HowSpace®, we communicate more actively both before, during and after the sessions: it allows us to connect participants with Stanwick facilitators and trainers in an easy, low-threshold and straightforward way.

We use HowSpace® to familiarise participants with the goals and content of our sessions before the start of the training or workshops. It also gives us the opportunity to check our expectations and the level of knowledge and, in this way, to make the necessary adjustments to our teaching material and participants can already get to know each other and the trainers virtually.

During our collaboration, between classroom sessions, we make full use of all the functionalities HowSpace® has to offer to continue conversations, exchange ideas, learn from each other, share assignments, show webinars and videos, record feedback, launch surveys and 'polls', even set up and take tests and exams.

The workspace also remains available after the conclusion of the learning process. This creates the possibility for participants to reflect and process new content longer and to reconnect with Stanwick and with other participants.

If you want to know more about how Stanwick deploys this digital learning platform, please contact us. Just like us, our customers and participants are very enthusiastic about the easy accessibility, user-friendliness and high form of interaction. A next step in the "new learning".

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