Employees make choices. Take care that their choice supports the organisation.


Ever met an employee who doesn’t care what he does and why he works every day? And is this person still working in your organisation?

The power of meaning.

Employees wish to make a meaningful contribution to the common goal that they can support and that benefits the organisation. Moreover, they prefer to do so with their own strengths and talents. Anyone who, as a manager, can understand and practise this, has the right recipe for success.

The ingredients are:

  • Targeting. People need to know where the organisation wants to go, and how their contribution fits into the whole. People want to be able to identify with the core values and ambitions of their company. The most effective sense of purpose is the one that can also be practically fulfilled together.
  • Organising autonomy. Turn employees into "employeneurs". Share the leadership, give them space, input and responsibility. Turn the creation of involvement into a joint project. Committed employees strengthen the mutual trust, and trust is a lever of the new organisation.
  • Performing. Share your vision, be concrete in your own exemplary behaviour, support, coach and trust the employee. Work on the basis of talents within a communicative culture.

Successful organisations revalue the moral compass of the employees. Employees choose. Ensure that their choice moves the business forward.

Organisational design

Organisations need to know whether their internal structures, systems and behavioural patterns equip them adequately for the new challenges they face today. Stanwick helps clients to gain clear insight into the major advantages of building a team-centred organisation and laying down a specific strategy.
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