Is the lack of contact comparable to smoking 15 cigarettes a day?

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If there is anything that the lockdown situation has taught us in our professional environment it is that we need each other as people, as colleagues incredibly badly. We miss the human contact, the connection in the workplace, the "celebrating" together when we achieve our goals which puts our personal resilience to the test. In his thought-provoking book "De meeste mensen deugen", author Rutger Bregman refers to the fact that people are born to learn, connect and play. Can it be a coincidence that we sometimes literally get sick of loneliness? Is the lack of contact comparable to smoking 15 cigarettes a day? And that a pet reduces the risk of depression? Humans crave togetherness and interplay, connection. Our minds need contact as much as our bodies need food.

That's why Stanwick is committed to (re)creating that connection, discussing our mental well-being and strengthening our resilience. We do this remotely (and yet interactively) or on the client's premises (at a safe distance and Corona-proof). And this under the heading "Connect & Engage".

Depending on the specific needs (determined by a brief, no-obligation intake interview), together with the client we choose from 4 possible routes (or a combination of the 4)

  1. Mental well-being as a theme on the team agenda (team dialogue)
  2. A better balance for better results (stress & resilience workshops)
  3. Creating connection and co-ownership in the team (team development)
  4. Managing personal energy (e-GPS)

Through a resilience-based team dialogue, Stanwick brings team colleagues together around the following questions: How do I really feel? What makes me feel insecure? What gives energy and what takes energy away? Where do I run up against my limit? What are the strengths of our team and how can we use them even more in these circumstances? How do we build in enough de-connection?

In our workshops on stress and resilience we provide insights into how you can use stress to your advantage and how you can increase resilience using simple and powerful levers. Together we learn to recognize signals of resilience loss and overstimulation (negative stress) in yourself and/or colleagues.

Through a team development program that runs along the path that Patrick Lencioni so aptly describes in his book 'The five dysfunctions of a team', we guide teams in building trust, cultivating the ability to enter into constructive conflicts, committing to goals and agreements, daring to call each other to account and paying attention to the joint team results.

Unfortunately, there is no magic trick to make a day last longer, nor is there a pill of "extra energy. But we can manage our personal energy consciously(more). There are many small and large things we can do to keep our energy balance and recharge our batteries. With our e-GPS program we want to provide a compass to make the personal 'Energy Journey' a successful one.

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The team process is guided by a pragmatic roadmap based on the theory of Patrick Lencioni. In his model, he describes five foundations that are necessary for a successful team: trust, open dialogue, commitment, accountability and co-ownership. we create a secure framework and ensure that all team members are willing to talk.
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