Shorten your delivery period, with reduced cost & improved quality

Verkort je levertijd, met gereduceerde kost & built-in kwaliteit
Operational Excellence

The aforementioned quote probably sounds like an exaggerated sales chat: too good to be true. Which technique can possibly exist that is able to improve these 3 important parameters at the same time?

The answer: 3P.

If after reading “3P” you immediately think of “People, Planet, Profit”, you're not the only one. 3P or “Production Preparation Process” is a methodology that can ensure a real breakthrough in your product and/or process design.

This breakthrough is achieved because you go back to the source of all the costs: the structure of the product & production process. 3P can be applied both on improving and developing a process and/or product. Under the direction of an experienced facilitator, a multifunctional team, which represents every discipline in the whole chain of the process steps, takes a closer look at the current process. In the workshops following this we will try to integrate Lean principles as much as possible. In this way you start with a Lean Flow from the start of your product cycle.

One of the big pillars 3P uses is the application of trystorming, were ideas are effectively developed with everyday materials (paper, cardboard, foam, wood, etc.). This makes the concept tangible and you can test immediately whether it works and work out the best ideas!


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