Stanwick starts working on your 'life orientations' (LIFO)


LIFO® has recently been among the quality and user-friendly tools offered by Stanwick in development programmes. LIFO® is the abbreviation for "Life Orientations", a model about human action developed in 1967 by Dr Alan Katcher and Dr Stuart Atkins and based on the work of Carl Rogers and Eric Fromm.

The LIFO® philosophy is based on the observation that each individual learns to orient himself or herself to life from a set of norms, values and life goals that we want to focus on. As a result, each of us develops a personal behavioural style that determines how we act and behave when interacting and communicating with others. In this 'preferred behavioural style', people's strong traits come to light in the first place. It is now a matter of recognising and, if necessary, further developing these qualities in ourselves and others, thus 'upgrading' our behaviour, as it were. Using the LIFO® method works as a lever in changes of individuals, teams and organisations and directly contributes to a better climate for teamwork, effective decision-making and effective problem-solving. Moreover, the method supports many concrete applications in organisations (leadership, coaching, teamwork, sales training, career orientation, conflict management,...). Would you like more information about LIFO® and the possibilities for your organisation? Please contact us.

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