A team dialogue about resilience and well-being

Team development

COVID-19 has been forcing many of us to work from home, telecommute and isolate for almost a full year now. This is a great challenge for many employees. We miss contact with colleagues, have to take on new projects and tasks remotely, and are forced to schedule even informal exchange moments in an overloaded agenda. The work-life balance is often lost, as working time and private time seamlessly merge. Despite the large amount of work, at times we feel completely disconnected from work.

As a result, the collaboration patterns of a team change dramatically. How do we, as a team, deal with this in a caring and smart way? How do we strengthen our team's mental resilience in these challenging circumstances? Giving attention to this topic during team moments is key.

We might have enthusiastically started introducing some 'virtual coffee breaks' in March 2020 and did a check-in at the beginning of a meeting or a check-out at the end, but many of these initiatives have failed or do not have enough depth to find out how colleagues are really doing.  

Via a resilience oriented team dialogue Stanwick brings colleagues together around the following questions:

  • How do I really feel? What makes me insecure? What gives energy and what takes energy away? Where do I run up against my limit?
  • How can we continue to connect with each other? What are the strengths of our team and how can we use them even more in these circumstances?
  • How do we build in enough de-connection? What agreements should we make about meeting time, working time, private time, etc.?

Each team dialogue requires a customized approach, because each team is different. Together with the team leader, we discuss which emphases need to be put in order to make it a valuable, energy-giving session. We align our approach with the needs and wishes of the team. In this way, we work together towards a shared, supported objective - whether this is a matter of being able to connect and ventilate in a light-hearted manner, or of arriving at workable agreements around a concrete topic.

More than ever, you and your team deserve the time to tackle these kinds of topics. We facilitate your team dialogue with all professionalism and pleasure and with the right, professional technological support (MS Teams, Zoom, Mentimeter). Seize your opportunity and contact us for a tailor-made offer.




The team process is guided by a pragmatic roadmap based on the theory of Patrick Lencioni. In his model, he describes five foundations that are necessary for a successful team: trust, open dialogue, commitment, accountability and co-ownership. we create a secure framework and ensure that all team members are willing to talk.
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