Warehouse of the future

Sack zelfbouw Stanwick management consultants

"We at Sack Zelfbouw are experiencing strong growth, partly due to Covid and the resulting increase in the number of self-builders, turnover is set to rise considerably. This of course means that we have to take steps as a company, especially work more efficient and grow in warehouse and stock management. For this challenge we identified Stanwick as the ideal partner. Soon a structured analysis of the current state of the company followed by interviews with all stakeholders, observations on the shop floor and analysis of our available data. This resulted in a clear OPEX roadmap with different subprojects. This was followed by various practical workshops focussing on visual management, layout optimisations to create flow and ERP integration in which everyone was involved, resulting in improvement proposals with a high buy-in from the various employees. Afterwards, it did not stop with a final report, but training was also provided to learn to apply the new Operational Excellence tools. In this way, we as Sack are stronger and can continue to grow.


Jan De Buck

Process improvement

Today we are flooded with tools & techniques to improve our business process. Just think of Six Sigma, TPM (Total Productive Maintenance), Lean, QRM (Quick Response Manufacturing), TQM (Total Quality Management), ... All these techniques have undeniably their advantage, but are often built from a well-defined vision. An integrated approach is thus required.

Data analytics & insights

Data analytics drives excellent organisations: how to do we move from good to great? Accelerate in process improvement, use your data company-wide and get outstanding results.