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International Network

Stanwick has strengthened its presence in the international market by establishing offices in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and China. In addition to this, partnerships have been established at both local and European levels, enabling Stanwick to serve its international customers effectively and to enlarge the breadth of its expertise.



Stanwick Netherland, with its base in Tilburg, provides consulting and training in Leadership, World Class Manufacturing, Service Profit Chain and Organisational Development.BCF, part of Stanwick group, provides consulting and training services in France, and specializes in both Operational and Organizational Excellence.



IMT, our German partner, has extensive experience in the fields of World Class Manufacturing, Kaizen improvement approaches, Six Sigma training and coaching, individual coaching and team development. Springbok Coaching is our partner in the domain of physical exercise, balanced nutrition, ergonomics, recovery and stress prevention.



ASENTA, formerly BEKAERT Consulting Spain S.L., is our Spanish partner, with offices in Bilbao, Madrid and Barcelona. It specializes in Strategic Management, Process Management, Lean Manufacturing, Lean Service and People Management.

GALGANO, one of Italy's leading Management Consulting & Training companies, specializes in the field of Total Quality, Lean production and Six Sigma.


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