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You can encounter all kinds of problems at work. Sometimes, the issues are more about you while other times, they may be more to do with the work situation.  Either way, the question is how you can learn to cope with them better. Attending a coaching programme is a good way of working on your personal development. You decide what goals you want to pursue, the coach tunes into your needs and together, you try to achieve your personal goals.

Coaching is Learning to Learn. In an individual coaching process our certified coaches work with you in a powerful and respectful way. Step-by-step, they guide you on your exciting path towards meaningful and result-driven change.

Change your story, change your destiny in business and life.
(Jim Loehr)

How does Stanwick help?

Essential in coaching is finding ways of tapping into the coachee’s personal energy. Looking for the “Yes” in the coachee by:

  • Listening to what others are thinking. Empathising by paying attention and discussing thoughts and opinions
  • Motivating by inspiring others, pursuing attractive prospects, instilling enthusiasm
  • Increasing the pressure by allowing the other person to really feel what you want

To tap into this personal energy, the PRROW framework is used, which is a set of specific questions coaches can ask as they help learners achieve their agreed goals. PRROW stands for

  • Preferred Result
  • Reality – Coaching is the art of the concrete, visualisation
  • Resources
  • Options
  • Will – What and How

The uniqueness of the Stanwick Coaching Approach is

  • Business-oriented
  • Focused on both short- and long-term goals
  • (Mostly) embedded in a long-term (consulting) programme
  • The coachee is the point of contact, now and in future. They decide what they feed back to the (business) client. This means that coaches are only in contact with the (business) clients:

§  at the beginning of the coaching programme

§  during the coaching process, only at the coachee’s request

§  after the coaching programme, by way of evaluation of the coaching process and not on the content of the coaching

During the sessions, coaches can use a variety of techniques and exercises that lead to new insights and tangible results.

A coaching programme is implemented at Stanwick by experienced and certified coaches (certification by School for Coaching & Leadership or De Baak)



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