Getting started with the most appropriate personality and behavioural tools

Insights Discovery
Insights Discovery

There are a lot of personality and behavioural tools on the market. This does not always make it easy for companies to make a choice: should we work with Insights Discovery® in our leadership programme or should we opt for MBTI®? Would the Finance team benefit more from LIFO® or Belbin® as a tool for looking at their team development? Which tool should I use in an individual coaching programme?

It is not easy to see the wood for the trees. Moreover, the tool used is only a means, not an end in itself. Within Stanwick, we explore the question of our clients extensively, in order to advise and support them optimally. Depending on the specific development question, we sometimes work with Belbin®, sometimes with Insights Discovery®, MBTI® or LIFO®.

Would you like a first indication of the most suitable instrument for your question or trajectory? Feel free to fill in our Stanwick questionnaire around our tools. Based on a limited number of targeted questions, the questionnaire will give a direction in your choice of the most appropriate tool. And afterwards, we are happy to discuss in further detail how we can maximise your development trajectory.


The team process is guided by a pragmatic roadmap based on the theory of Patrick Lencioni. In his model, he describes five foundations that are necessary for a successful team: trust, open dialogue, commitment, accountability and co-ownership. we create a secure framework and ensure that all team members are willing to talk.
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