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Insights Discovery
Insights Discovery

Insights Discovery

Are you also a professional who wants to build and maintain good and qualitative relationships with his/her stakeholders? And do you also sometimes feel that this ‘connection’ is difficult and awkward and that you don't really seem to be on the same wavelength despite your openness and willingness to listen.

Insights Discovery® helps you to understand what the underlying motives of ‘connecting’ are and why this process is not as easy and smooth with everyone. Based on a simple, accessible and most of all recognisable 4-colour concept this model helps people to really understand themselves and others and appreciate existing differences. A first crucial step in boosting your personal effectiveness.

Based on a questionnaire which will take you approximately 20 to 30 minutes to fill in, you receive an extensive, personal profile with tips around personal development, effective communication, decision-making, leadership, etc. Together with your Stanwick facilitator or coach you then look for ways to tune your behaviour better to the other person. Behaviour that allows maximum connection with others.

Insights Discovery® is therefore an ideal instrument to support workshops around communication, personal effectiveness, leadership, etc., as well as organisation development programmes or individual coaching programmes.

Do you want to find out what Insights Discovery can do for you, your team and/or your organisation?

Then please contact us, we will happily see what we can do without any obligation whatsoever.


4 kleuren persoonlijkheid



Leadership is the ability to mobilise the various talents within a group or organisation in order to achieve ambitious, but real results. Effective leadership can be developed by providing the right tools to analyse current leadership strengths and by giving support and coaching.
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