Leadership 2020 2.0

Shared leadership

A glossary for a new decade, for sustainable and shared leadership 

  • 2020 A new decade. Time for new (clear) ideas. With best wishes to everyone.
  • 2.0 A suffix that refers to the digital environment in which leadership will be different. The full power of digital transformation drives organisations to switch faster, to test new (more virtual) forms of collaboration, and to recalibrate time horizons and strategic planning in an agile manner.
  • Sustainable leadership. Value-driven leadership. Careful handling of people and resources has become a basic condition for being allowed to do business. This requires a courageous vision, in which there must be an ambition to help create a better world. Employees will be more assertive than ever, and will only stay with a company that consciously strives to respect the vulnerable environment in which it operates.
  • Shared leadership. The same assertive employees ask to be involved in the creation of the company story, to be challenged and to give it meaning. Leadership is in the role that someone takes on, not in the position. This means that everyone becomes the owner of his/her result areas. Management sees its goal in the creation of conditions, rather than being at the centre of the action.
  • Organic forms of collaboration. Collaboration is organised organically, both internally, through project teams and other ad-hoc structures, and with other organisations, even competitors. This organicism is a structural response to being agile. Crossing company borders is the way to mobilise everyone’ strength.
  • Exciting. And fascinating. That’s how the new decade will be in any case. Can we help you?


Leadership is the ability to mobilise the various talents within a group or organisation in order to achieve ambitious, but real results. Effective leadership can be developed by providing the right tools to analyse current leadership strengths and by giving support and coaching.
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