Stronger Together: Stanwick and Obeya Association form powerful partnership

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Stronger Together: Stanwick and Obeya Association form powerful partnership

Stanwick, a leading consulting firm specialising in operational excellence, has announced a strategic partnership with the Obeya Association, a global community in the field of Obeya methodology and visual management. This partnership marks a significant step forward in promoting team performance, visual management and implementing the Obeya methodology among organisations striving for improved operational efficiency and results.

Team performance and visual management play a vital role in the success of modern companies striving to optimise their processes and results. By joining forces between Obeya Association and Stanwick, both organisations can provide an integrated service ranging from obeya training & certification to the implementation of obeya in the workplace and step-by-step coaching of organisations in their obeya journey and this in various sectors (services & industry). All with the aim of making teams work together more effectively, streamlining processes and improving performance.

The Obeya methodology, a proven approach to holistic management, enables organisations to translate strategic objectives into tangible actions at the team level. This not only promotes better collaboration and communication within teams, but also provides a clear visual representation of progress and performance, allowing organisations to respond faster to changing circumstances and opportunities.

"We are delighted to partner with the Obeya Association to allow our customers to become certified following Obeya training as well as embed ourselves and our customers in a broad community of companies that are also working with Obeya," said Tom Van der Straeten, Managing Partner at Stanwick. "This partnership enables us to support organisations in achieving their operational goals and maximising their competitiveness through effective teamwork, transparency and continuous improvement."

"As a global community and quality standard on the Obeya methodology, the Obeya Association offers certification and a learning network towards organisations striving to improve team performance and visual management. By joining forces with Stanwick, they can offer an even wider range of services, ranging from strategic advice to hands-on implementation of Obeya and Obeya training," said Bart Bongers, founder of Obeya Assocation.

About Stanwick

Stanwick is a leading consulting firm based in Belgium, specialising in operational excellence and strategic consulting. With a focus on improving processes, team performance and results, Stanwick supports organisations in achieving sustainable success and growth.

About Obeya Association:

The Obeya Association is an independent organisation dedicated to promoting Obeya methodology and visual management practices. Through knowledge development, knowledge sharing and knowledge assessment, the Obeya Association helps organisations effectively implement effective management practices and maximise their operational efficiency. The Obeya Association hosts events for its members, such as the annual Obeya Summit, the annual Japan Obeya Study tour and monthly Open Obeya Cafés. For more information, visit


For more information and partnership details: contact us

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Today we are flooded with tools & techniques to improve our business process. Just think of Six Sigma, TPM (Total Productive Maintenance), Lean, QRM (Quick Response Manufacturing), TQM (Total Quality Management), ... All these techniques have undeniably their advantage, but are often built from a well-defined vision. An integrated approach is thus required.
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