Customer testimonial Van Hoecke

Van Hoecke case Stanwick

"Stanwick's consultants assist us regularly in various technical domains, such as: 3P-workshops, learning trainings, short and powerful analyses of the production process, pragmatic improvement workshops, etc. Furthermore, Stanwick contributes to the design and implementation of new organisational structures. The many useful insights and tips regarding autonomous teamwork, contacts and line coordinators, reinforced by very targeted and practical trainings, do not miss their positive effect in our organisation!"

Caroline Hulpiau
Human Resources

Future-proof organisation

The world around us is changing. New business models, new forms of organisation, new technologies. They spring up like mushrooms and they pose an increasing threat to our current way of working. This gives you the feeling that you do not have to wonder if your company is going to experience the same thing, but when this will happen?

Organisational design

Organisations need to know whether their internal structures, systems and behavioural patterns equip them adequately for the new challenges they face today. Stanwick helps clients to gain clear insight into the major advantages of building a team-centred organisation and laying down a specific strategy.