Digital dashboard solutions

Digital dashboard solutions

Business dashboards, a must for securing knowledge

Today, it takes more in business than intuition alone to stay ahead of the competition. Organisations need a data-driven approach that enables them to make informed decisions , optimise processes and achieve strategic goals effectively. This is where operational and management dashboards come in and they are a game-changer for your organisation.

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Our approach towards digital tools

  • Hands-on expertise: we integrate process knowledge (industry and services) with digital technological expertise and a strong focus on end-user involvement.
  • Focus on rapid value creation: we develop a minimum viable product that immediately has a measurable impact on your organisation (improvement of operational efficiency, stimulating innovation, cost savings, etc.). Finally, we take the organisation towards more data-driven decision-making.
  • Striving for Operational Excellence is a journey: we develop flexible and scalable solutions. After all, the reality in and around an organisation changes rapidly. Digital solutions should not be the bottleneck for striving for Operational Excellence and should evolve quickly.
  • Building digital and analytical problem-solving maturity: we support the team during but also after the process. The value of a digital solution is not only in the tool but also in its effective use and understanding by the wider organisation. We work on engagement, change management, training and coaching.


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Stanwick team

Who are we?

The Stanwick digital tooling team are business & operations consultants with extensive experience in manufacturing, services and public sector. They have a mix of diverse and complementary skills that ensure strong integration of management techniques, industry optimisation methods, team dynamics and behavioural aspects.

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Stanwick is an approved service provider under the “KMO portefeuille” and this for the training pillar. A small Flemish company investing in training can benefit from 30% support through the kmo-portefeuille.

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