Updated on: 18-03-2021

Stanwick respects the privacy of all visitors to our website, ( We ensure that all of the personal information you provide us remains confidential.

Our address is
De Bedrijverij, Beerveldse Baan 2/0002, 9080 Lochristi

Our enterprise number/VAT number is BE 407 098 508

1. This is about your privacy.

In this privacy statement, we indicate which personal data we collect and process regarding you as a natural person. We aim to process your personal data in a legal, correct and transparent manner. We are very careful about how we do this. Your rights as a customer, prospective customer, supplier, contact person of a company, in whatever capacity, are safeguarded.

We explain the reasons for which Stanwick uses your data, and also provide you with more information about your privacy rights, and how you can exercise them. Stanwick can amend this privacy statement. The most recent version is always available on

For more information on the privacy legislation in Belgium in general, you can also visit, the website of the Belgian Data Protection Authority (previously also known as the Privacy Commission). Stanwick is an international business consultant that provides consultation to, and guides companies in their growth processes and transitions. Our highly experienced hands-on team helps clients to evolve through consultancy, coaching and training. Stanwick helps its clients to achieve fundamental and lasting progress in its internal operation, its service provision, costs and quality, which contributes to their long-term competitiveness. Stanwick processes personal data in this context.

If you have questions about privacy, or if you wish to adjust your privacy settings or exercise your rights, Stanwick can be contacted as follows:

  • By telephone on number 09/210 59 50
  • Via the following e-mail address:

2. Your privacy rights.

If your data is processed, you have quite a few rights. If Stanwick asks you for your consent in connection with data processing, you are entitled to withdraw this consent yourself at any time later.

You have right of access.

If you want to view the data that Stanwick processes about you, please let us know. If you exercise your right of access, Stanwick will provide you with as complete an overview of your data as possible. It is possible that some personal data from traditional back-up or archive files is not included in this overview. This data is not a part of the actually processed personal data, and is therefore not immediately available. It can therefore not be included; it is, however, removed from these files according to the standard clean-up processes.

You have the right to have your data corrected.

It may happen that some data that Stanwick has recorded about you is not (any longer) correct. You can request at any time to have that data corrected or completed.

You have the right to have your data deleted.

If you suspect that Stanwick is unlawfully processing certain data, you can request to have it deleted.

You have the right to oppose a particular use of your data.

If you do not agree with the way in which Stanwick processes certain data on the basis of its legitimate interests (see 3), you can oppose this.

You can exercise your rights.

Always be as specific as possible if you wish to exercise your rights. This will enable Stanwick to handle your request concretely and correctly. Do you have a question, a remark or a complaint? Please contact Stanwick by telephone on number 09/210 59 50, or via the following e-mail address: This is your first contact point in connection with privacy.

If the above contact point was not able to provide a satisfactory reply, please contact the Stanwick ‘Data Protection Office’: in writing by sending a letter to Stanwick NV, Axxes Businesspark, Building B, Guldensporenpark 20, 9820 Merelbeke, or via e-mail to

Would you like more information, or do you not agree with the opinion of Stanwick? In this case, please visit the site of the Belgian Data Protection Authority,

You can also submit a complaint there.

3. Why Stanwick is processing your personal data.

Stanwick must comply with legal obligations in connection with the tax and accounting processing of customer and supplier transactions.

Stanwick must be able to carry out a contract correctly.

As a customer of Stanwick, you make use of a number of services. As a supplier, you provide services. Stanwick must process these services from an administrative and accounting point of view.

Stanwick must be able to operate as a company.

This is referred to as a ‘legitimate interest’.

In addition to the purposes listed below, Stanwick, as a commercial business, has several legitimate interests that form the basis for the processing of personal data. In doing so, Stanwick ensures that the impact on your privacy remains as limited as possible, and that the balance between the legitimate interests of Stanwick and the potential impact of these on your privacy will, in any case, not be disturbed. If you do have objections to the processing, you can exercise your right to oppose the processing.

Personal data is processed in different situations, such as: customer and supplier analyses, risk analysis, process analysis in order to make strategic decisions.

In order to be able to respond effectively to questions from other customers or prospects (e.g. for quotations), or when Stanwick spontaneously provides them with tailor-made proposals, it is possible that Stanwick could consult your customer profiles as a basis for comparison in carefully protected, underlying processes. It goes without saying that your personal data will not be disclosed in this process.

Stanwick makes use of your personal data to engage in direct marketing.

As a company, Stanwick wants to be able to make proposals regarding its services. This can be done at your express request, or if Stanwick believes that you may have an interest in, or may benefit from a particular service.

This information can then reach you in various ways: through direct contact with Stanwick consultants, via the Internet and apps, by e-mail, by post, by phone and at events.

With your express permission for tailor-made information, Stanwick can make highly personalised proposals for you. Stanwick only uses your professional personal data for this purpose.

You can withdraw your consent at any time.

Your permission for customised information only applies to Stanwick NV.

Stanwick imposes a number of limitations on itself

  • Stanwick does not make use of spyware.
  • Do not give your permission for customised information if you do not wish to receive highly personalised offers.
  • But you may still receive offers or advertisements from Stanwick, even if you do not give your permission. Stanwick only uses limited data for these basic offers (such as your professional role and position and your professional contact data). Stanwick can only make offers for its own services.
  • Stanwick does not sell or rent your personal data to third parties.

4. Stanwick uses different types of data, depending on the purpose.

Stanwick processes your personal data for several purposes:

  • Information for the purpose of contacting you and providing correct advice: telephone number, e-mail, professional address, IM address, a history of contacts/interventions/projects in your organisation.
  • Stanwick sometimes processes public information. For example, this may concern data that you have made public yourself, such as information on your website, your blog or through your publicly-accessible social media profile. This may also be data that is in the public domain, for example, because it is generally known in your region, or because it was published in the press.
  • What you disclose to our Stanwick employee can be processed. If you are in contact with a Stanwick employee in an office, by phone, by mail, etc., this will usually be recorded: in order to build up a contact overview, to have a (brief) report of the contact, as a reminder of the tasks our employee still has to carry out.
  • Even if you are not yet a customer, Stanwick can save the information that you provide. This information can then be used at a later stage when you do become a customer.
  • In addition to the personal data of contact persons, Stanwick will also keep data about your company. This data regarding legal entities relates to all aspects of the customer relationship: a (historical) overview of projects and contacts, possibly the group of companies to which the customer belongs, and also details of contact persons.
  • Please note that legal entities may only provide us with the personal data of natural persons who are connected to them if these persons are informed of this and, where necessary, are in agreement. The legal entity indemnifies Stanwick against any liability (with regard to those involved) in this area. The company is responsible, for example, for compliance with the privacy legislation if it provides a list of users for an intervention or a training programme.

5. Cookies on our site

Our site uses functional cookies. Their job is to ensure that your computer remembers your specific preferences and to load this information again the next time you visit our site. For example, this includes your choice of language and the site pages you have already visited. We use this information to improve the quality of our website and our services.

You have the option of disabling these cookies, which you can do by adjusting your browser settings. For more information, please refer to your browser’s ‘help’ function.

Third-party cookies

Our site may contain links to external websites which may use their own cookies. We advise you to always carefully check the privacy policies of each of external websites.

6. Security

We store all of the information we collect in a secure environment. We do our utmost to adhere to the most commonly used standards in the IT sector to ensure that this information is securely stored and transferred.

When we collect information for the purposes of customer account management, we keep it only as long as necessary to adhere to legal guidelines (for example, for accounting and tax purposes).

Sharing information

We do not share your information with third parties. We share your address details only with partners who use them to provide our services. All of our employees and the partners we contract are required to respect the privacy of your information.

Data leaks

We do our best to protect your information. In the unlikely event that your details are affected by a data leak, we will inform you immediately. We will then take measures to prevent subsequent leaks.

7. How to contact us about our privacy policy

At any time, you may request a copy of the personal information which we have about you in our systems. To do so, or to communicate with us about our privacy policies, please contact us.

  • E-mail:
  • Telephone: 09 210 59 50
  • Post: De Bedrijverij, Beerveldse Baan 2/0002, 9080 Lochristi

You have the right to be ‘forgotten’. Please contact us if you would like to assert this right.


If you feel that the information we have about you is incorrect and would like us to amend it, please contact us.

If you feel that our site contravenes our privacy policies, please contact us.

Every time we change our privacy policy we will also change the date shown above under the heading ‘updated on’. If we make any major changes to our policies we will notify you separately, for example by e-mail.