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These days, the secret behind a successful supply chain is not only efficiency. Neither does it suffice to merely focus on the internal processes, without daring to look beyond the organisation’s traditional walls. Lean Supply Chain Management aims to eliminate all losses across the overall value chain, from supplier to end customer. That way, you as a company are able to respond quickly to today's highly fragmented and complex customer demands, the current trends around customization and digitization being a case in point.



Today, it is the entire logistical chains that compete,

rather than individual companies.


How does Stanwick help?

  • Implementation of a lean supply chain assessment, whereby, together with all partners concerned, an implementation plan is drawn up, and the necessary commitment is created.
  • Supervision of the change in all its aspects:
    • Mapping and analysis of the selected value chain(s) (micro analysis, ‘extended value stream mapping’)
    • Implementing intercompany workshops (for suppliers and customers) and developing the future value chain together
    • Helping in the implementation of key improvement levers (rationalisation of products /parts/suppliers, make or purchase, line balancing, eliminating losses, improving intercompany planning, S&OP, …)
    • Lean Logistics (kaizen workshops in warehouses, lay-out studies, 5S, improve flow, ...)
  • Training/coaching
    • Familiarising staff with lean principles & techniques in the management of the supply chain
  • Mobilisation sessions to promote inter-company cooperation (among others, through an interactive simulation game). Lean Supply Chain Game creates insights into the basics to make a logistical chain lean, and become skilled at promoting inter-company cooperation.



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