Six Sigma & Problem Solving

Applying Six Sigma results in more streamlined processes, guaranteeing higher quality and less variation. In turn, the customer can benefit from an increased value at a lower cost, a higher level quality and reduced delivery times. The IS-IS NOT method provides extra support in the event of sporadic and acute quality problems. The SORA method is applied for chronic and basic Problem Solving. 

There are three important levers for being successful in Problem Solving:

  • A focused and ongoing effort to achieve and safeguard results.

  • Selecting the right projects. 

  • The ability to apply the tools and techniques.


Do not tolerate defects - solve problems!

How does Stanwick help?

  • We help you to develop an approach which is geared specifically to your company.
  • We organise and facilitate sessions with management teams to create insights into Problem Solving.
  • We organise and facilitate in-house training for Six Sigma Black Belts, Green Belts, and Yellow Belts.
  • We help and coach Green and Black Belt project leaders with their first projects.
  • We certify Green Belts, Black Belts, and Master Black Belts.
  • We supply Green and Black Belt consultants who assist your internal project leaders.
  • We work together with your company on your sporadic problems using the IS-IS NOT method.

With our clients we frequently employ the following techniques: voice of the customer, basic statistics, control charts, FMEA, quality function deployment, hypothesis tests, design of experiments, measuring system analysis, etc.


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