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Strategy Deployment is the process of implementing the organizational vision and strategy in a systematic and structured way. It is a proven process to help people within your organization work more effectively in the same strategic direction. The key to success lies in focus and priority-setting, in gaining consensus on a select number of goals, and in the non-debatable translation of these goals throughout the entire organization. By aligning strategies within your organization and putting focus on what is really important, more transparency is created in both communication and employee motivation. Visible and measurable moments of truth valorise people's efforts.

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How does Stanwick help?

The Strategy Development process  with Stanwick consists of the following steps:

  • Conducting an “As-is”- analysis to identify the strengths and areas for improvement of the current strategy deployment system
  • Facilitating the process of setting strategic priorities
  • Translating these priorities into specific mid-term goals and associated "Key Performance Indicators" (KPI)
  • Defining yearly action plans with appropriate KPIs. Challenges may be department-based or can be translated into global cross-departmental projects. Roles and responsibilities of co-workers are clarified, and reward and performance management systems are installed.
  • Developing measurement systems to monitor the progress of the strategy deployment. Where possible, these measurements will be made visual. Visualization facilitates and reinforces the strategy.

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