Insights Discovery

Insights Discovery® helps you to understand what the underlying motives of ‘connecting’ are and why this process is not as easy and smooth with everyone. Based on a simple, accessible and most of all recognisable 4-colour concept this model helps people to really understand themselves and others and appreciate existing differences. A first crucial step in boosting your personal effectiveness.

Based on a questionnaire which will take you approximately 20 to 30 minutes to fill in, you receive an extensive, personal profile with tips around personal development, effective communication, decision-making, leadership, etc. Together with your Stanwick facilitator or coach you then look for ways to tune your behaviour better to the other person. Behaviour that allows maximum connection with others.

Insights Discovery® is therefore an ideal instrument to support workshops around communication, personal effectiveness, leadership, etc., as well as organisation development programmes or individual coaching programmes.

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Business & operational excellence

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OPEX assessment

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Six Sigma

Organisational development

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OD assessment

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Agile & SCRUM

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Insights Discovery

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