Total Productive Maintenance

An expression that, more than ever, is the problem of production and processing companies: "Do you want to prevent unscheduled downtime of your machine park?" A periodic preventive maintenance plan is needed. For this purpose ,TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) is the ideal method for:

  • Reduce unplanned downtime
  • Reduce product deviations 
  • Reduce safety incidents
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TPM brings maintenance to the forefront as a necessary, vital part of the business. Production & maintenance are closing a partnership. The preventive and routine maintenance is the responsibility of the people who are on the machine every day, making firefighting a thing of the past. This frees time for the maintenance technicians to focus on root cause analysis, optimization & innovation of the machine park.

TPM creates a more efficient workplace organization that increases safety, quality, productivity & involvement!

Successfully implement TPM via the following levers:

  • Measuring & increasing the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

  1. Based on this measurement, the right & most important causes of non-production are addressed

  • Eliminate firefighting (reactive or malfunction maintenance) by entering an effective, structured preventive and predictive maintenance system.


  • Active management of machines / processes, with maintenance-free machines / processes als ultimate goal
  1. aimed at extending the life of the machines
  2. through asset reliability management (FMEA), including reliability engineering
  3. via condition monitoring and predictive data analysis
  4. through spare part (stock) management, supplier management, cost & budget management, energy management
  • Expansion of a more effective and efficient maintenance team
  1. through skill & competence management, active use of root cause analysis, standard work, workplace organization
  • Entering autonomous maintenance
  • Strive for perfection - improve continuously - do not work harder, but smarter!

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