How can you use digitisation as a motor towards Operational Excellence?

Hoe digitalisatie te gebruiken als motor richting Operational Excellence?
Operational Excellence
Digital Factory Game
Industry 4.0.

Stanwick developed the digital factory game in the light of Operational Excellence and the trend towards digitisation.

In a world that is becoming increasingly "smart", we experience the endless applications of digitisation in the business world on a daily basis. We notice that the trend towards paperless environments not only manifests itself in the administration, for example: the end-to-end digitisation and making the order-to-cash process more intelligent. We also see a similar evolution on the shop floor, which is working to bring about smart manufacturing; just think of the digitising of lists and procedures with real-time feedback.

Digitisation in a company goes hand in hand with increased speed and intelligence. For example, in our projects where we digitize the 5S-audit together with the customer, we see increased efficiency and the stimulation of an improvement culture. In addition to 5S audits, we also see that the conversion of the typical safety tour, changeover procedures, quality controls, and problem-solving techniques are just a few alternatives from which we evolve towards a digital factory together with the customer. Digitisation in order to strive for operational excellence, step by step.

Large Digital Factory

What does the digital factory game offer?

The game shows the need to welcome the current evolution (Industry 4.0. & Internet of Things) with both arms in our business context.  It also allows the players to experience the direct impact of digitisation on the shop floor.  Effects such as the extra intelligence that results from the real-time analysis, improvement of on-the-job learning & elimination of the chance of erroneous operational data, and thereby incorrect interpretations, are just some of the many positive implications that we immediately see on the shop floor.

Finally, the game simulates the simplicity with which we can take our first steps towards operational excellence today. Without thereby having to set up any large digital transformations.

Feedback from the customer after experiencing the digital factory game

  • “The game visualises the importance of real-time analysis, which can immediately provide additional intelligence to our company.”
  • “Digitisation increases the involvement of the operators on the line.”
  • “The capturing and reporting of operational parameters on the shop floor can now be done in a fraction of the time.
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