Stanwick keeps guaranteeing full quality ... even in a remote setting

remote work

In Stanwick, after a training, we often foresee a follow-up day, mainly to facilitate learning from experiences amongst participants. As usual, we prefer to do this in a structural and interactive way. Lately we’ve been more and more challenged to be creative towards this goal, because of insecure Corona-times. This is how a WebEx session last Monday looked like in the living room of one of our colleagues.

remote workshop


As a facilitator or trainer, the main challenge is to keep everyone involved and ensure interaction as much as possible. New technologies help to make this easier than in the past, but still it requires a totally different mindset and approach compared to a face-to-face get-together where you can connect with every single participant at all times – even during breaks.

By adjusting the approach to the digital environment, this session turned out better than expected. Even participants admitted during conclusions they were very sceptical about a workshop via WebEx, but they experienced it very positive and educational in the end.

“At first, participants where a bit reluctant to turn on their webcams. When videos appeared, it became clear that everyone at home was dressed a bit more ‘relaxed’ compared to a usual working day. Despite all circumstances, it turned out to be a very interesting follow-up day, with take-aways for everyone. Thank you, Stanwick, to approach this in a structural way.” (participant)

“I’d like to share that I really appreciate your flexibility to switch this quickly to an alternative ‘remote’ solution.” (the customer)

And this way we are very glad to keep ensuring our Stanwick-quality, even in times of quarantine!




The team process is guided by a pragmatic roadmap based on the theory of Patrick Lencioni. In his model, he describes five foundations that are necessary for a successful team: trust, open dialogue, commitment, accountability and co-ownership. we create a secure framework and ensure that all team members are willing to talk.
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