Stanwick walked for Villa Omaar

Stanwick walked for Villa Omaar
Villa Omaar

Recently, Stanwick has been supporting a new social project, Villa Omaar, a low-threshold therapeutic home in Wetteren for young people between 16 and 23 who are struggling mentally. Our employees wanted to do their bit for this project, which is now in its start-up phase and opening its doors.

Our benefit walk was fun, inspiring and heartwarming. With special thanks to all attendees and helping hands. Did you know ...

  • our youngest walker was 3 and oldest 80 years young
  • 2 dogs joined the walk
  • a three-member delegation from Recticel joined the walk
  • former Stanwick colleagues, Astrid and Sven, made a nice cash contribution
  • the account is still open ...

Monetary contributions can (still) be paid into Stanwick's account BE91 2850 2218 8676 with reference to "Villa Omaar". We thank you very much already.

Want to know more about Villa Omaar?

Under the inspiration of Nathalie, Marieke and Goedele, Villa Omaar will become a place where intensive outpatient therapeutic work can be done, without a waiting list, for a maximum of two weeks. This preventive approach aims to avoid residential and psychiatric help as much as possible. It is easily accessible, while still offering highly specialised help.  Young people who, for whatever reason, need a temporary time-out where they can reflect on themselves and their lives are welcome. Care is tailor-made and self-strengthening. Besides the therapeutic offer, studio work is provided, focusing on the everyday, catching one's breath in the here and now. Coaching and pathway counselling will also become a regular part of the operation. Villa Omaar wants to contribute to a warm and involved society, helping vulnerable young people to find a place in that society in a firmer, positive way, by giving them a chance to (re)connect with themselves.

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