“Success doesn’t just happen. It’s planned for”

FPO roadmap

Stanwick’s roadmap for successful organisational development

The current business context requires alert, agile organisations. How can we design and evolve our organisational structures so that they can cope with these rapid, and sometimes radical changes? How can the necessary agility be built in? And, above all, how do we get started?

To enter the change process, we use a transformation approach that focuses on project-based implementation. At Stanwick, we opt for a dynamic, transparent approach, in which we run through 4 phases in a systematic manner.

  1. Diagnosis and scope
  2. Organising the transformation
  3. Rolling out the implementation
  4. Structural safeguarding

In the first phase, working together with the customer organisation, we clearly set the objectives, gauge the change conditions, map out the parties involved, choose the progress indicators and obtain a reliable organisational picture, in fact, an image of the existing organisational dynamics and structure on the basis of our TAO assessment.

In the next phase, we will start with the identified improvement domains; we shape these into a supported transformation plan and firmly link it to a targeted and effective communication plan.

Subsequently, in a third phase, to facilitate the roll-out of the implementation together with the entire organisation

  • (re-)design of the organisational structure
  • reinforcement of the involvement and/or increasing the autonomy at the individual or team level
  • development of shared leadership and the stimulation of entrepreneurship
  • facilitation and stimulation of new meaning and identity work for managers

The final phase, the safeguarding, is crucial. Improvements must be anchored, so that there is no risk that people will fall into a ‘status quo’. This is precisely why we provide structural after-care, “progress reviews”, sufficient training and documentation, and the integration of learning stops and any adjustments.

With the Stanwick roadmap, we structure and systematise the change process, and we continuously steer towards results, while leaving room for progressive insight, which guarantees sufficient agility.



Organisational design

Organisations need to know whether their internal structures, systems and behavioural patterns equip them adequately for the new challenges they face today. Stanwick helps clients to gain clear insight into the major advantages of building a team-centred organisation and laying down a specific strategy.
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