Why opt for an assessment at the start of a project in Operational Excellence?

Waarom kiezen voor een assessment bij aanvang van een traject in Operational Excellence?
Factory of the Future

We start every process in Operational Excellence (OPEX) with an assessment of the current situation. In this way, the OPEX story does not remain a theoretical exercise, but can be acted on from the specific context of the company. In other words, we start from current practice in order to deliberate with you as to which implementation steps guarantee the best result. And it thereby helps to examine the current way of working from an external point of view and expertise.

For us, an assessment is a thorough analysis of the current situation in which the company finds itself today. It aims to (1) understand the current situation thoroughly, (2) accurately assess the improvement potential and (3) draw up a future vision and action plan. We are thereby not only looking at the process, but also at the people in the process and the systems behind them. Because they are all inextricably linked. After all, the long-term effect of improvement is directly related to the quality of the solution, the acceptance of this solution by the people, and the assurance in the existing systems.

In terms of content, our assessment is based on 4 pillars: 

  1. Observations help us to quickly form an image of the ins and outs of the organisation.  In order to share the knowledge that has been gained, we often draw up a Value Stream Map or some other process map on the basis of these observations.
  2. Interviews with the key figures in the organisation are extremely important, because we not only obtain knowledge and insights from the employees of the company, but also amass input regarding the people in the process.
  3. Data analysis serves to support the observations and interviews, and has the primary goal of quantifying the improvement potential. In addition, it also gives a first picture of the (IT) systems used.
  4. Specific follow-up is carried out where necessary. Known issues are analysed in depth in order to immediately estimate the gains and reach solutions.

OPEX assessment

Because of our drive for results, we owe it to ourselves to start with an analysis of the current situation. Although every action or tool entails an improvement in Operational Excellence, it is specifically the right combination and sequence of improvement initiatives that determine the success of a OPEX trajectory. After an assessment, we are therefore also able to give guarantees on the long-term effect of your OPEX story.

opex roadmap


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