Workplace Innovation development

Workplace Innovation development

The aim of Workplace Innovation is to achieve operational excellence (OPEX) with motivated, engaged employees in challenging jobs. Every company aspires to an economic added value: profitability, the achievement of strategic objectives, generating maximum customer satisfaction, effectiveness, innovation. To that end, the company uses resources and people efficiently and sustainably.

An operational excellent company also targets a social added value by paying attention to the quality of the workplace and employee engagement. Engaged employees will enthusiastically work longer, are more effective and are physically and mentally more prepared. In its organisational design this company creates meaningful and challenging work in a context of shared responsibility and leadership. Self-managing teams are the building blocks.

On Flemish level Flanders Synergie encourages Workplace Innovation

Flanders Synergie promotes, encourages and initiates workplace innovations in Flemish companies, social profit organisations and public enterprises with a view to more effective organisations (in terms of efficiency, flexibility, quality operation, innovative and sustainable nature) AND a better work quality (more “active” jobs).

Stanwick has recognised Sr Workplace Innovation consultants thanks to Flanders Synergie which help companies to organise differently.

This implies, among others:

  • Clarifying the vision on Workplace Innovation, tailor-made to each company.
  • Mobilising all stakeholders.
  • Support of the change process.
  • Analysis of current and desired organisation design.
  • Defining the layout of the workflows.
  • Designing meaningful work, with enough control power and possibilities.
  • Establishing and developing teamwork.
  • Strengthening new competencies.
  • Introducing effective Visual management.
  • Coaching toward shared and distributive leadership. 

With regard to Organisational design, Workplace Innovation and self-managing teams, Stanwick has references in SME, MC and Large companies such as Kim’s Chocolate, Eclair NV, Van Hoecke NV, Lotus Bakeries NV, J&J Pharma Operations, Pfizer. 

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