Lean Six Sigma training


"It is 14 years ago that I was trained by you in Leiden in Lean Six Sigma. And I remember it like yesterday with the super clear explanation on the Brown paper and flip-over! Thanks a lot! I still share your passion for Lean Six Sigma!"

Corine Loijens
Operational Excellence Manager

Problem solving

Are you facing issues in the production process that sometimes pop-up while not knowing the root cause of it? Many different problem-solving methodologies were developed with at least four logical steps as common ground: define the problem, search for root causes, find solutions for the root causes and secure the solutions in the organization.

Process improvement

Today we are flooded with tools & techniques to improve our business process. Just think of Six Sigma, TPM (Total Productive Maintenance), Lean, QRM (Quick Response Manufacturing), TQM (Total Quality Management), ... All these techniques have undeniably their advantage, but are often built from a well-defined vision. An integrated approach is thus required.