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Lean Transformation stands for a quick and intense change approach leading to significantly improved results within 3 months. It proves that an organisation is capable of realising important throughput time and cost reductions, as well as increasing skills and competences within a short period of time. 

Lean Transformation is based on five Lean Principles:

  • Specify value from the point of view of the end-customer
  • Identify all the steps in the value stream for each product, eliminating all steps and activities that do not create value for the end-customer
  • Organize the remaining value-adding steps and activities in such a way that they are executed in a chain with a clear sequence and steady pace, ensuring a smooth process flow
  • As the flow is installed, let (internal) customers pull from the next upstream activity
  • Invest in further elimination of waste: thereby pursuing perfection through continuous improvement

Stay at the top of the manufacturing industry with Lean!

How does Stanwick help?

Stanwick can assist your company in its 'lean' transformation by:

  • Conducting a lean assessment to identify the potential of your production system: 
    1. Gaining insight into your business and analysing your current manufacturing strategy
    2. Visualising actual and future value chain through value stream mapping
    3. Identifying the major areas for improvement
  • Setting up an implementation plan together with local management
  • Organizing awareness sessions in order to mobilize key players. We use a simulation exercise, the Lean Manufacturing Game, to create an insight into the basics of Lean Manufacturing
  • Conducting hands-on Kaizen workshops, ranging from work cell development (Kanban and Kaizen methods) to production preparation process workshops



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