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Facilitation workshop


In a meeting, it is important what is discussed, but equally important how it is discussed. A good facilitator can make a discussion run more efficiently, ensure participants stay on topic and keep the energy level in the (meeting) room high.

This training provides the basic skills to prepare and lead a successful meeting or workshop. Companies that hold focused - and therefore more efficient - meetings, with a dash of creativity, make better decisions and invest in their employees' job happiness.

Our Approach

  • During a 1-day training we introduce the how and why of different facilitation techniques.
  • There is the possibility to divide into 2 half days, so we can work on intermediate learning moments.
  • Topics are treated as a combination of theory and exercises.
  • Participants bring examples from practice, on which further work is done.
  • Each session offers the opportunity to exchange experiences with other participants and receive feedback on their own developed facilitation skills.
  • The learning experience is supported and enhanced through the use of an online learning platform.
  • A training certificate can be provided.

What can you expect?

  • Clarity on the role and basic skills of a facilitator.
  • Focus on the form of a meeting or workshop and not the content.
  • Understanding meeting structure depending on the purpose.
  • An introduction to exercises and tools that help with facilitation.
  • Dealing with and engaging (difficult) participants.


  • Leading a meeting:
    • Types of meeting and their objectives
    • Preparing a meeting or workshop
    • Opening and closing the meeting
    • Tools and exercises for facilitating discussions
    • The usefulness of energisers, ice-breakers and other practical exercises
  • Interacting with participants:
    • Active listening
    • The art of (further) questioning
    • How to deal with disruptive behaviour
  • Elaboration of a facilitated meeting or workshop:
    • Preparation
    • Role play
  • Intervision moment between participants based on experiential cases
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