Fundamentals in Project Management

Fundamentals in Project Management


This course is ideal for making participants more familiar with projects and project-based work. What is a project anyway and how can you approach it in a structured(er) way? How do you go about planning and how do you deal with stakeholders, risks and the correct follow-up of your project? Participants leave with concrete and pragmatic tools to immediately apply in their daily operations and work more project-oriented. 

Our approach

  • This training consists of 2 (consecutive or non-consecutive) training days.
  • The course offers a mix of theoretical underpinnings and practical exercises.
  • Each participant should preferably have a project as a project leader or project team member.
  • The training provides the opportunity for experience exchange with other participants.
  • The learning experience is supported and enhanced by the use of an online learning platform.
  • A training certificate can be provided.

What can you expect?

  • Structured Working
  • The PDCA method
  • Delineating assignments (content + roles & responsibilities) 
  • WBS = Work Breakdown Structure: creating insight into work volume
  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Positioning Project Management (in addition to PDCA)
  • Definition of a 'Project'
  • Project Management Process Flow
  • Basic skills in Project Management
  • Preparation of a Project Charter
  • Planning a Project: Milestone planning
  • Risk Management in projects
  • Monitoring and adjusting projects
  • Project follow-up and closure 


  • Definition phase:
    • Delineating a project with the project triangle
    • Content of the Project charter
    • Social Contract between project manager and client
    • Risk Analysis
  • Planning phase:
    • Work Breakdown Structure
    • Milestone planning
    • Activity planning
  • Implementation phase + follow-up & adjustment:
    • Learning stop
    • Status report
  • Transfer & closure phase:
    • Project aftercare
    • Project evaluation
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