Project and Portfolio Management

Project and Portfolio Management


In today's dynamic business landscape, organisations face the ongoing challenge of effectively managing their portfolios to drive strategic objectives and maximise returns on investments. The ability to master portfolio management has become essential for businesses seeking sustainable growth and competitive advantage. Within this portfolio, it is crucial to align programs that combine projects contributing to a common goal.

Our approach

  • We combine theoretical concepts with real-world examples, case studies, and interactive activities to enhance the learning experience.
  • This training consists of 2 training days.
  • Participants bring in their own cases.
  • The training provides the opportunity for experience exchange with other participants.
  • The learning experience is supported and enhanced by an online learning platform.
  • A training certificate can be provided.

What can you expect?

  • Basic knowledge Portfolio Management:
    • Learn how to assess portfolio performance, analyse risks and opportunities, and optimise resource allocation.
    • Acquire the skills to make informed investment decisions and prioritise projects based on strategic objectives.
  • Develop Effective Portfolio Governance:
    • Discover the key elements of portfolio governance and establish robust frameworks for decision-making and accountability.
    • Learn how to align project portfolios with business objectives, define clear portfolio metrics, and establish effective communication channels.
    • Acquire the tools to ensure transparency, optimise resource utilisation, and maximise portfolio value.


  • What is portfolio & program management
  • The portfolio management process
  • Portfolio Planning:
    • Identifying and categorising proposals
    • Documenting proposals
    • Evaluating and prioritising proposals
    • Balancing the portfolio
    • Authorising programs and projects
  • Prioritising projects:
    • Multi criteria model
    • Financial assessment
    • Capacity planning
  • Portfolio execution:
    • Follow-up of the project portfolio
    • KPI’s for the portfolio and dashboarding
    • Portfolio review meetings
    • Portfolio risk management
  • Roles and responsibilities in portfolio management
  • Project portfolio communication:
    • Stakeholder analysis and management
    • Make a portfolio communication plan 
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