Team Development

Team Development


If you are looking for a way to further build your team(work), then this training/workshop is the right one for you. There can be various reasons for this, such as team growth, change of team (members), change of team assignments, improving mutual communication, etc. Together, we discuss the specific context of your team to provide the most appropriate approach. Together with the team, we address in the workshop what the common goal of the team is and what the different team members (or sub-departments) can bring to it. A common language is built up, which can always be referred to later in day-to-day operations. Team knowledge and reflection from self-knowledge is always central here.

Our approach

  • We have certified trainers in Belbin's team roles, Insights Discovery, MBTI, LIFO, etc....
  • We would be happy to discuss with you what the specific team background and needs are and which tool might qualify.
  • A self-assessment questionnaire will be completed before the workshop, possibly supplemented by a short questionnaire for/by colleagues.
  • Participants will receive their individual profile before or during the workshop.
  • Individual intake interviews can be used before the workshop in order to enter the team workshop already with a solid dose of self-knowledge and/or concrete expectations.
  • To build mutual relationships, the workshop lasts at least 1 day.
  • We always work with highly interactive and dynamic team exercises.
  • After the workshop, you will step outside as a team with a team charter and/or team action plan.

What can you expect?

  • General understanding of personalities or team roles in the team.
  • Creating a common language around teamwork.
  • Strengthening individual self-knowledge.
  • Improve connection and communication with other team members, based on understanding into each other's personalities or team roles.
  • In-depth team reflections based on personalities or team roles.
  • Strengthen confidence in the team.
  • Feedback moments and cooperation agreements for the future.
  • Experiential team exercises.
  • A concrete team charter and/or team action plan. 


  • Preparation of all participants:
    • Individual self-assessment questionnaire
    • Possibly supplemented by peer assessments
    • Individual interview with the Stanwick trainer to feedback the individual profile
  • Team workshop:
    • Energiser/warmer
    • Any basic theory around personalities or team roles
    • In search of team identity
    • What are the individual contributions of each team member
    • Different team reflections, based on needs
    • Feedback moment
    • We conclude with an experiential team exercise to apply the language and tools learned
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