Lean Green Belt and Black Belt training

Castrol case

"Within Castrol we are convinced that the principles of Lean Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement form the basis to understand and tackle performance losses. To be able to translate this conviction into practical improvement projects, we turned to Stanwick because they were able to provide training specifically tailored to our business. For each element of a Lean Production System, Stanwick could provide very concrete and recognizable examples to clarify the theory. 

As a result, 8 participants from different departments, with new insights and a lot of enthusiasm, have successfully completed a Lean Green Belt Project. During this training and during the implementation of the projects, the participants were forced to look in a different way at the organisation and processes within their specific department and the link to other departments. We now see a close team that has become stronger in recognising losses and in identifying flows within manufacturing. Through this approach, improvements have been made to processes that would otherwise not have been questioned. We can therefore demonstrate that this training has more than exceeded the investment. It is now up to us to make this improvement culture grow further in our company."

An Carpentier
Continuous Improvement in Manufacturing

Process improvement

Today we are flooded with tools & techniques to improve our business process. Just think of Six Sigma, TPM (Total Productive Maintenance), Lean, QRM (Quick Response Manufacturing), TQM (Total Quality Management), ... All these techniques have undeniably their advantage, but are often built from a well-defined vision. An integrated approach is thus required.