Project Leadership

Project Leadership


Effective project leadership plays a crucial role in the success of any project. It involves guiding a diverse team of individuals towards a common goal, ensuring effective communication, managing conflicts, and fostering collaboration. This training will equip participants with insights into their own leadership style as well as enhance their leadership skills, enabling them to lead effective project teams that get results.

Our approach

  • We combine theoretical concepts with real-world examples, case studies, and interactive activities to enhance the learning experience.
  • This training consists of 3 training days, preferably divided 2+1.
  • Participants bring in their own cases. In between sessions, learnings can be applied to deepen the understanding of the theoretical techniques.
  • The training provides the opportunity for experience exchange with other participants.
  • The learning experience is supported and enhanced by an online learning platform.
  • A training certificate can be provided.

What can you expect?

  • Understand the role of a project leader:
    • Explore the responsibilities, traits, and competencies of an effective project leader
    • Learn how to adapt leadership styles based on project requirements and team dynamics
  • Learn strategies to create an effective team:
    • Building high-performing project teams, fostering collaboration, and establishing open lines of communication to enhance productivity and engagement
    • Motivating project team members, setting clear expectations, providing constructive feedback, and managing performance to maximise individual and team contributions
    • Managing the difficulties of remote collaboration
  • Enhance effective communication skills:
    • Stakeholder analysis and management throughout the project life cycle
    • Creating commitment in and around project through good communication
    • How to hold difficult conversations or handle conflict in and around the project


  • Project leadership:
    • Leadership styles and situational adaptability
    • Roles of a project leader
  • Managing a project team:
    • Clear roles and responsibilities in a project environment (social contract)
    • Building a project team (FRY)
    • Organising efficient project team meetings
    • Managing evolution in a project team (Tuckman)
    • Dealing with the different personalities in the project team (Belbin team roles - incl. certified assessment)
  • Managing project stakeholders:
    • Stakeholder analysis
    • Stakeholder management
    • Creating commitment in and around projects
    • Dealing with change in projects (incl. scope changes)
    • Dealing with resistance in projects
  • Communication in and around projects:
    • Conflict handling and resolution
    • Leading virtual and remote project teams
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