You are learning from colleagues the whole day long. You learn from each other's approach during team meetings, pass on your know-how during a one-to-one conversation, and golden tips are even given while you’re at the coffee machine. But do you, as an organisation, want to stimulate and manage learning from each other? Intervision can then certainly provide added value as a methodology. This...


As early as 1965, Dr. Bruce Tuckman carried out pioneering work in the field of group dynamics in Ohio (US), and, a few years later, Dr. Meredith Belbin started his first experiments on observable behaviour in teams in Cambridge (UK).

Tuckman studied teams from their origin until their final stages, and was able to distinguish a number of discrete phases (forming - storming - norming -...


Mediation - what is that?

Intervention in a dispute, mainly between two parties, by a neutral third party who convenes negotiations, evaluates the arguments of both parties and proposes a - non-binding - solution. To be differentiated from 'arbitration', where the neutral party may take a binding decision. (Source: WordPress Hosting).

Mediation – when does...


Most organisations struggle with the amount and speed at which new change projects are defined. It’s not easy to assign fixed resources to these long-term projects. Moreover, these projects usually take a long time, which means that a large number of employees have a tendency to drop out, because the results take (too) long to materialise.

The "Lean Transformation"...


Let‘s start from what is already there (and is good)

Every organisation that wants to improve and grow is obliged to look at where its own strengths lie. Building on what is already working is not only an indication of a sense of reality, but is often also just smart. Changing costs a lot of energy, and you enter a path with unprecedented obstacles.

With the...


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