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Does your organisation owns a lot of data today? Chances are high that you can gain more insights from it as you do today. It might even contain answers to you current and future challenges.  

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Data Analytics & Insights

How the Stanwick consultant assists you 

With Data Analytics & Insights we are going to use your existing data to

  • raise your operational and strategic effectiveness
  • compare different scenarios
  • predict future issues
  • support fact-driven decision making

In other words, using your own data to increase your competitive advantage.   

For the data processing itself, we are applying the latest tools which enables us to efficiently process large datasets and to clearly visualize the data. These tools are getting better and better, leading to increasingly powerful insights. 

Data processing only has an added value if we are able to gain the right insights from it via data analysis.  Therefore we can count on our broad experience in improvement projects, Lean Six Sigma and Advanced statistics. Further, we always strive for a clear visualization of your Key Performance Indicators in a Dashboard. It is even possible to start modelling your data, with operational and strategic parameters, to gain deeper insights with simulations. At last, we apply the latest techniques on Design Of Experiments (D.O.E.) to make future predictions based on the existing data.  

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The key to tackle your challenges is in your own data

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